Coaches Basic Guide to BWSA Expectations

To All BWSA Coaches

1)   Please do not confront or question the referees. If you have an issue with a referee, please contact Tanya Carman  with the date and time of your game and the nature of your concern.  Remember, the players and their parents will follow your lead and can turn a situation into an ugly one very quickly.

2)   Please ask your parents to not park along side the road on Miller-Paul Road.  We realize that parking is rather tight during peak times, but parking in the street could result in injuries.

3)  Remember to limit the use of the playing fields to scheduled games and scrimmages with other teams. Saving the fields for games helps to see that the fields last the entire season.  Constant use will turn them to a mud pit when wet or kills the grass when dry.

Thank you for your continued efforts to make this a great season and for volunteering with BWSA. Please contact us with any questions.



The BWSA Executive Board shall have the final approval over the qualifications, acceptance and assignment of all coaches, assistant coaches and officials. Any additions or changes to the coaching staff must meet with board approval. The BWSA Board has the exclusive right to authorize or terminate at will, with or without cause, an individual's participation with the Association.



1)      The head coach of a team must be at least 18 years of age.

2)      All coaches must agree to abide by the rules, regulations, Code of Conduct, and constitution adopted by the BWSA executive board.

3)      All coaches must show good sportsmanship during all BWSA games whether as a  coach, official, or spectator.

4)      A coach may not add or delete players from a team, and they may not have substitute players from other teams without prior board approval.

5)      All coaches must consider the interest and welfare of each player. You must agree to follow the guidelines discussed in the sections concerning Letting Up, Equal Play, and Rotating Positions whenever possible and to the best of your ability.


Rule Knowledge

All coaches and Assistant Coaches are to be familiar with the rules and procedures contained herein, as well as the general laws of soccer.


1.) All coaches and/or assistant coaches (or a representative), should attend the  coaches meeting held prior to each season. At this meeting you will receive information pertaining to the season as well as the opportunity to provide feedback to the Board.

2.) The Head Coach should contact all players BY the specified date given by BWSA at the coaches meeting. We recommend that you have a team meeting prior to (or along with) your first practice to meet each of the players and their parents. Information given at that time should include:

a)     Parking areas at Souders
b)     Short and sock colors desired (participation of this is optional).
c)     Soccer ball size recommended for their age group.
d)     No player will be permitted to participate in a practice or a game without proper shin guards.
e)     Practice schedule and snack schedule including the removal of trash after snacks.
f)     Coaches expectations, Code of conduct, spectator areas during a game.
g)     Review volunteer linesmen responsibilities, if applicable. 

3.) The coach should inform the BWSA office ASAP if a player quits or if they need additional players.

In Season

1.) The coach is to remind parents informed of any schedule changes or league announcements.
2.) The coach and assistant must be aware of your team's field marking schedule and equipment responsibilities- including pick up, set-up and return duties.  Keep in mind you can ask parents to help with this as well.
3.) Each coach is responsible for picking up the team awards from the designated awards committee volunteer and for distributing them to your team members.


Pre-game and Post-game Procedures

1.) All coaches are required to assist in the preparation and securing of the playing fields. The coaches from the earliest scheduled game should pull out the nets (for the smaller size nets) and set corner flags on your playing field. The coaches from the last scheduled game will put away the nets and corner flags. (See Miscellaneous Policies- Equipment Section for responsibilities of pick-up and return.)  Again, you can ask parents to help with this. 

2.) Each coach should walk their playing field to ensure the fields are free of debris and safe to use. If any equipment is broken or missing or if the field is in need of repair, please notify a board member that day.

3.) The coach is to discuss with the referee before the game the following: ball size used; length of quarters or halves; maximum number of players permitted on the field, off-side ruling, etc.

4.) Every coach will be responsible for seeing that any trash left behind by your team is picked up and thrown away! This includes both after your practices and after your games. 

Any personal belongings forgotten at the field should be placed in the lost and found if you cannot determine the owner.



1.) The coaches (up to a maximum of three coaches per team) and the players of each team will be positioned on one side of the field and are limited to the area between the half-line and the 18 yard line (penalty box). All spectators are to remain on the opposite side of the field at least 5 ft. behind the touch line. No one, either coach, spectator or player is allowed by the goal areas during a game.

2.) No coach or other person is to enter the field of play during the game without the referee's permission. The only exception to this rule is in the PreK disivion. One coach from each team will be allowed on the field to direct their players. However, the coach will not be allowed between the penalty box and the goal line on either side of the field.



1.) PATIENCE!!! NEVER argue with a referee, especially a Youth Ref. Keep in mind this is just a game and an unfavorable call is not the end of "Pele's" soccer career. But, yelling at a ref could be the end of your coaching career! A head coach or an official assistant coach, and ONLY those individuals, may discuss with the official(s) a rule interpretation at either the half-time interval or after the game has concluded. This discussion must be done with dignity, sincerity and in a proper and calm demeanor. 

Remember, a referee is not required to discuss his/her call with any other individual. If the referee cannot explain his call to your satisfaction, take your question/complaint to the Referee Coordinator - Tanya Carman


2.) We expect our coaches to demonstrate responsible behavior at all times during practices and games. Teach our children by example, to show respect to our fellow players, coaches and referees. Please keep winning in perspective. Your goal should not be to have the best record in BWSA, but to help our children have fun so that they will want to return with us the next season.


3.) If any coach receives a red card, they will be required to meet with the Investigative Committee to discuss the situation. Upon recommendation from the Investigative Committee, the Board will decide if the coach will be permitted to coach in the next subsequent game. Also, keep in mind that as coach you may be held responsible for the behavior of your assistant coach and your team's spectators. (See Breach of the Code of Conduct for further details.)


4.) The use of tobacco products and/or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited for both the players and coaches during practices or games associated with BWSA.